The CVLife-adjustable-hunting-military vest is one of the best mole vests. Needless to say, that the vest is fully functional and perfect for different purposes. As the vest is unique with its features, it is also called “special forces plate carrier".

The CVLife-adjustable-hunting-military vest is excellent among all the lightest vests. The weight of the vest is only 1.4 lbs. The vest is made with the mixture of mesh and quality nylon. The foamed mesh ensures the extra comfort to the vest. The multiple pockets of vest give the user enough storage to keep the necessary items. If anyone wants to have the quality vest, he can choose this.

The vest is not used only within tactical purposes; rather, the vest is used for another outdoor activity like hunting. Before selecting a vest, you must observe all the features of the vest minutely.

best molle vest

Molle System 

 Unlike others,​ tactical vest, this is one of the mole system vests. Molle stands for modular lightweight load carrying equipment. The Molle is used widely with the united Army and British army. Nowadays molle system is available in many backpack and tactical vest. Molle of a vest increases the storage capacity. As the vest is one of the best molle vests, it is a choice of the most users.

600D material for long-lasting vest

The vest has been designed with the high-quality 600D material and foamed mesh so one can use this with confidently. It is also comfortable and long-lasting.

Completed with Multiple pockets

The molle plate carrier vest has different pockets. Each and every pocket is necessary. Among these, Document pouches, one radio pouch, modular triple mag pouches and others. Besides the Mag Flashlight Pouch is available,

High-quality zipper design vest 

​CVLIFE Military-Tactical vest is designed maintaining enough quality. The vest is also made with the high Zipper design. These types of the vest are effective. These vests are easy to take on and off. Besides, keeping different types of documents is easy.

Reinforced Rescue system available 

The molle vest has the reinforced rescue on the back of the vest. If anyone falls in an unexpected situation, he can be rescued easily with the help of reinforced rescued system. So when anyone goes to select the vest, he must figure out this quality like this molle vest.

Adjustable Strap 

There are also adjustable straps available in the molle vest. The six adjustable straps are available. If you notice the vest, you will see three straps on the left side and another three straps on the right side.

Molle plate carrier vest is one of the ergonomic and effective vests. By going through all the features, you can have a lucid idea about the tactical vest. So not later to have all the features at a glance

  • Constructed with foamed mesh and 600D material
  • Different types of mag pouches available
  • High-quality zipper makes the vest easier
  • Adjustable in girth and length
  • Enjoy the wearing the lightweight vest.
  • Special Molle design is perfect for carrying tiny equipment.


  • Molle vest
  • Comfortable foamed mesh
  • Different mag pouches available
  • Adjustable in girth and length


  • The vest is not only designed for tactical purposes
  • The design is not nifty


Q: How is the durability of the vest?

Ans: The vest has excellent durability because it is made of waterproof Nylon material. Anyone can take this judging its durability.

Q: Is the waist strap perfect?

Ans : The waist strap of the molle vest is totally perfect with its size; no one should be worried about its sizes, the strap is neither too small nor too large.

Q: In what way is the vest comfortable than others?

Ans : The vest is excellent with many features. Among all the features, foamed mesh and padded shoulder provide more comfort.

Q: How does the CVLIFE tactical vest fulfill a user needs?

Ans : The vest is totally functional; it is designed with multiple pockets which are carrying the need for every vest users. Among these, internal document pouches, one radio pouch and triple pouch mag are available. As the vest is fully functional, the user can fulfill his demand using this.

Finally, it is clear that that the hunting military vest is unique with design and functionalities. The vest is perfect for different purposes. The Special Forces plate carrier has lots of pouches so It is quite supportive than any others vest. Besides, because of having mesh, it provides ultimate comfort. The multiple pockets are used for different purposes. As the vest has molle pockets, one can have the chance of keeping minor accessories. Overall, it is one of the best molle vests, so you can take this if you think that the vest is perfect to fulfill your demand.

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