UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

Best Plate Carrier Vest

Do you want to figure out the best tactical plate carrier? You can have the UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest low profile plate carrier. It is one of the innovative, adjustable and dependable plate carriers. One can but impress having the tactical plate carrier. If you want to know more,   go through the details step by step for having the clear concept about the tactical vest.    

Signature Mesh Ventilation System

Unlike others tactical vest, It has mesh ventilation system. As a result, the user can wear a longer period of time. The mesh ventilation system let the air in and out and makes the user feel comfortable. The vest is different than others vest because of the remarkable ventilation system.      

Fully Adjustable in Girth and Length

UTG 547 Tactical Vest is fully adjustable in Girth and length. Having different types of Rifle Magi pouches, the vest is effective for the user.  The Rifle Magi pouches are three on the right and one on the left.  The elastic is available to hold the Mags tightly.

Rescue drag system available

When you notice in the middle of the vest just under your neck, It will have that there is heavy drag system. The drag system is essential when anyone takes the challenge and goes to any risky field. Because of having the drag system, the co-workers can help and rescue within a short period of time.

Heavy Duty Back Loop System  

Having the heavy duty loop system of the vest, one can carry the additional tools and gear using this. Besides, the Universal cross draw holster gives the user chance to keep the double mag pouches.

Radio pouch 

The vest carries a smart radio pouch on the right side of the body. The three deluxe pistol mog just beneath the Radio pouch. The larger internal zipper of the vest is too study that there is no possibility of changing the Zipper even after using a long time.

best tactical plate carrier

Attached Belt Loop  

There is an adjusted belt loop with the vest. The belt has the capability of carrying mobile on the two sides. Besides, it helps to keep the vest well fitted with the body.  

Durability of the Law Enforcement Tactical Vest 

If you want to have a durable tactical vest, the vest is for you. The vest has been designed with the strong signature mesh as a result; the durability of the Tactical vest is too much.

Ergonomically tested vest 

The Vest is tested one. The vest has been designed in such a way that fulfills all tactical needs.  The vest is perfect for all mission specific requirements.  As the vest is well- organized and perfect, it is known to the firefighter, security personnel, and SWAT team.

UTG 547 Tactical Vest full fills the demand of load bearing gear. The vest is worthy of any types operation. The vest weighs is ultimate 4.1 lbs. so everyone can use this in a comfortably.

At the time of selecting tactical vest, you must have all the features at glance to have an exact idea. The most remarkable features have brought for your consideration.  Each and every feature of the vest is study and effective.  The mentioned features will give you a lucid idea about the UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest.

  • Length of vest: 22-25"
  • Weighs in at 4.1 oz.
  • Chest measurement: 40-54"
  • Waist measurement: 44-52"
  • Right-hand draw
  • PVC-coated polyester
  • High-quality zippers
  • Fully adjustable length and girth 
  • Universal cross-draw holster
  • Four rifle magazine pouches
  • Signature mesh ventilation system 
  • Durable rescue handle 

Leapers is one of the best manufactures company 

The UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest low profile plate carrier is from Leapers. It is worldwide remarkable manufactures the company which produces a product for the multi-different platform.

Especially, it produces hunting and shooting related products.

Papers have the strong customer positive outlook over the globe.

Leapers is bringing innovative dimension to their product.  As the

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest is one of the leapers. So one can take this further worry.


 Q: what is the most attractive feature of the vest?

 Ans:  The attractive features of the vest are that it has been designed with signature mesh so the user does not feel comfort after using a longer period of time.

 Q: Is there any guaranty of the Zipper of the vest?

Ans: The Zipper has not any guaranty of the vest specifically but the vest carries the high-quality zipper. 

 Q:  How is the length and girth of the vest?

 Ans:  The length and girth of the vest are quite adjustable.


  • Mesh ventilation system  
  • Adjustable length and girth 
  • Durable rescue handle  
  • Four rifle magazine pouches


  • Straps are very tight to adjust  
  • The customization of the vest is not available


There is no doubt that the UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest is one of the best vests. Its adjustable girth, Rifle Magi pouches, and the universal design are obviously attractive and effective. The vest is fit for most dependable field operation. Its high-quality Zippers, signature ventilation system gives the opportunities to feel comfort even after using the vest long time. So it can be your choice. You can have very few plate carriers with soft armor like this. All the features of the vest make it outstanding to the users.

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