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Normally, a tactical vest is used for protection and storage.  When a man goes to hunting, hiking, war, and others passion and professional activities, they feel the desire of having a tactical vest. But all the tactical vests are not same with the quality and functionality. The functionality and quality vary from vest to vest.

The lancer tactical vest is one of the outstanding vests. It is different with its features, quality, and functionality. It is a right vest for any survival situation.

The vest is different in the spheres of style and protection level so the consumer has to know every fact of the vest minutely. So lets you know the each and every fact of the top-rated plate carriers" lance tactical vest".

Fully adjustable vest 

Lancer Tactical vest is a fully adjustable one. When you go to take any vest.  You must observe the quality so that you feel comfortable to use the vest. Just you think when you go any operation.  You carry lots of things in your vest.  But because of not having the vest adjustable,   you always feel disgusting. Even An unadjusted vest impedes to take a step in the right way. So when you go to select any vest, find out that the vest is adjustable. The lancer vest is quite an adjustable one, you can take this confidently.

Velcro straps with 2 d-rings

Velcro straps are the outstanding features of a standard vest.  The straps are effective enough. Straps are of different size, shape, quality and of a different brand. The Velcro straps are sturdy and strong.  So when you take any vest, be sure that there are of a quality strap in your vest. The lacer tactical vest contains quality velcro straps, so you can feel confident to take this.

Breathable constructed vest 

The background of the vest is made with the best so that the user feels comfortable.   Especially in the hot weather, the vest is effective too much as it is breathable and keep the user always cool.  So the man who wants to have the ergonomic and breathable constructed vest, he can take this without any doubt.

Have the heavy duty quick release belt and buckle

Lancer Tactical vest has the quick release buckle and adjustable belt. The belt and buckle are effective to keep magazine pouches and pistols. The belt must be adjustable and quick release so that one can take step easily. The lancer tactical vest is one of the vests which maintain these types of quality. If you ever feel interested to know more about the vest.  You can have more here.

Besides the mentioned features, the ammunition pouch, 4 panels upper back, pistol magazine pouch and pistol holder is available in the lancer tactical vest.

The tactical vest consists of lots of features. The lancer tactical vest is not a different one. It has also a lot of features which supports the users in the different ways.

Have the features of the lancer tactical vest at glance.

  • 2 Pistol Magazine Pouches.
  • Velcro sealed hydration pouch 
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Belt
  • Fully Adjustable - One Size Fits Most
  • Adjustable Velcro Straps with 2 D-Rings
  • w/ Quick Release Buckle
  • Removable pistol holster
  • Magazine pouch
  • Quick release buckle on the left side
  • Six pistol ammunition holders
  • Mesh MOLLE Webbing
  • 600 Denier Polyester 
  • Two large interior pocket with zipper
  • Four  rifle magazine holders 

Mesh construction for breathability

If you want to have the others features, the chance is available.


Q:   In what way does the vest different than others vest?

Ans: The vest is different with its feature.  Most of the features of the vest are adjustable and unique.  Its Straps with 2 D-Rings, 600 Denier Polyester, and Mesh Velcro are quite adjustable.

Q:   How looks the lancer tactical vest?

Ans:   The lance tactical vest is splendid to look. Its well-organized functionality is too impressive to look and effective to use.  Overall it is one of the excellent tactical vests.

Q:  How are the interior pockets?

Ans: Interior pockets are excellent. The pockets have two mesh compartment including zipper front. As it has the breathable, using the vest is comfortable enough.


  • The lower magazine pouches 
  • A Velcro patch 
  • Pretty sturdy for decent stitching
  • Holster can hold large guns


  • The belt is pretty common
  • The holster is fit for small guns  


The Lancer Tactical cross draw vest is unique with the different aspects. Especially Its removable pistol holster, its quick release buckle and 5 additional pistol ammunition magazine pouches make the tactical vest outstanding. There are also four dual large magazine holders which contains double stack 8 magazines. The most construction vest is comfortable too much as it is breathable. The Velcro shoulder straps ensure the user ultimate adjustability. The vest is one of the top rated, selected vest, so it can be your choice.

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