Condor modular plate carrier

Best Budget Plate carrier

The condor modular plate carrier is one of the best budget plate carriers.  In the realm of a vest, candor modular is a common name. It is known widely to tactical vest user. The features of the condor tactical plate carrier are exceptional in various ways.

Let’s know the features and the functionalities step by step.

Have built-in 7 mag pouches

The candor vest has been designed giving priority to the different aspects. Among all others, exceptional features, the build in 7 mag pouches are effective too much. One can use the pouches for a different purpose. There are very few vests which carries 7 mag pouches. Do you ever feel the effectiveness of more pouches in any situation, the vest is for him?

An exceptional and innovative design 

The design of the candor vest is not only effective rather its design is exceptional also. Its exceptional functionality impresses the user. When a user wears the vest, the user feels heroism and feels confident. The design of the vest has a little similarity with others banal vest design.

Ergonomic 3 internal mesh pockets 

There is also three internal mesh pocket in the vest. The mesh pocket of the vest is comfortable, as the vest is breathable because of mesh. The user feels interesting to wear this. The mesh pocket is for modular attachment as made with webbing.   

Removable chest platform

The chest platform of the candor is quite adjustable. As the chest platform is changeable at any time. The user can take off the chest platform based on any situation. Overall the chest form is adjustable. That's why the user can use the chest form in a free and friendly way.  

Built-in hydration carrier 

Built-in hydration carrier is available in the condor tactical plate carrier. If a tactical vest user does not find the built-in hydration carrier, he has to undergo lots of problems so when a user wants to use a vest, he wants the built-in hydration carrier. As the condor modular plate carrier has included hydration carrier, one can take this vest with high confidence.

best budget plate carrier

Padded Shoulder Straps 

Padded shoulder strap is one of the most outstanding straps. No vest can be full filled except shoulder strap. When anyone uses arms and other equipment, the user feels comfortable to carry the weighted arms and other tactical parts.  So you can have this as you will have the ultimate support for this vest. 

Have the specific features at a glance.

  • 3 internal mesh pockets
  • 7 built-in mag pouches
  • Built-in hydration carrier
  • Removable chest platform
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • Pocket with modular attachments.
  • Different size and color available
  • Adjustable Waist

Except these, there are lots of mentionable features available, if you want to have more, the chance is available.

 In the reviews of the users, you will have both the advantages and disadvantages of the tactical vest. It is the best way of judging the major and minor factors of your expected vest. So lets you know the details of this vest.  


Q:  Is the Multi-cam expensive than all others plate carrier vest?

Ans: The plate carrier is around $ 50.   The vest is expensive but not too expensive to buy.  If anyone Consider the features, he can observe that the vest is worthy of buying.

Q: How is the internal pocket on the vest?

Ans: The internal mesh pocket is ergonomic as these are made of mesh. The pocket is breathable and an ergonomic.

 Q: Why is it one of the best budget plate carriers?

 Ans : In the comparison of its features, the price is affordable.  When you judge the entire plate carrier, it will be clear to   you that it is one of the best budget plate carriers.  

Q:  Which color is the most appropriate among all others colors?

 Ans: The color varies man to man. But on average, the black color vest is more appropriate than others color vest.



  • Adjustable Waist
  • Padded Shoulder Straps 
  • Internal Pocket with webbing
  • Removable Chest Platform


  • Bladder not included  
  • Magazines not included


Condor modular plate carrier is one of the exceptional plate carriers.  Among all others plate carrier, it is considered as the best budget plate carrier.  As the price of the plate carrier is affordable, it is the choice of the most useful. Besides, all the related features of this plate carrier are impressive.  If you go through each and every feature of the vest, you can realize this minutely. Condor tactical plate carrier is one of the wells- adjusted vests.  Being the chest platform removable, when you go to any risk zone, you can use the vest separating the platform. The padded should provide extra comfort to a user. The padded strap lets the users take the heavier anything’s

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