Condor Cross Draw Vest/Tactical Belt

The tactical vest never focuses a simple and straightforward vest. When we think a tactical vest, the storage of a gun, map, ammunition and lots of things come in mind.

A tactical vest is a part and parcel of an avid outdoor man. As a man need different types of arm and accessories.  One cannot but use the tactical vest.  Even when one goes to hunting, he has to have a series of weapons to keep protected him. At that time, he must need a tactical vest.

 But all tactical vests are not same.  The entire tactical vest is not well organized in the same way. Condor Cross Draw Vest is one of the best condor vertical vests. Its features and its strength and design are obviously outstanding.

The vest is also called “condor ego plate carrier".  If you ever hear the name "Condor Cross Draw Vest".  You can go through the mentioned details.

The Condor Cross Draw Vest

Unlike others vest, It has distinctive and extraordinary features. The vest comes with the tactical belt. It Belt has different storage to keep the weapons well-organized. The condor mopc plate carrier has the 3 ammo pouches.

On another side, there is a pistol holster. In the shoulder, there are also long Velcro strips. The Condor Cross Draw Vest consists of a tough nylon mesh material.  So there is less chance of tearing within a short time.  2 metal D-rings are available to attach the carabineers The Tactical Belt has been included with the vest so that any added for having extra- opportunities.

The exceptionality of the Condor Cross Draw Vest

 This Condor Cross Draw Vest gives you included perk which is unavailable to another vest.  In the perk, you can keep different types of tools. The vest is appropriate for someone who wants to store more than the ammunition and gun. Being adjustable the best condor vertical vest, it is great and comfortable to the user.

What you have after judging the vest minutely

 The condor vertical vest is unique with its design. The belt provides the hydration bladder spot. You will have not these opportunities to another vest. Besides, all other feature of the vest is unique and exceptional.

Going through the reviews is more important for having details to know the exact information about the tactical vest. 

The Condor Cross Draw Vest is one of the customizable vests. It is fit for modular and additional attachments. The 6 magazine pouches are available in the vest.  The three are for pistol magazines outstanding and the rest are for rifle magazine.  Besides these, there are lots of things; you should observe each and every feature minutely.

Some features have been included to have at a glance.


  • Cross-draw pistol holster
  • Two internal zipper pockets
  • Built-in shock stop
  • Two hook and loop panels
  • Mesh back for ventilation
  • Pistol belt included
  • Heavyweight modular attachments
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • D-rings on shoulders
  • Manufacturer's number: CV-003
  • Manufacturer: Condor

If you feel interested to know more, you can have.

For having the best vest, you have to grow through the review of the velocity plate carrier. In the reviews, you will have the mentionable advantages and disadvantages of the vest. But in the spheres of the vest, the advantages are lucid so you can have this without any doubt. 

If you feel the curiosity of knowing more, you can have details here.


Is the vest is fitted snugly?

The vest is one of the ergonomics so the vest is adjusted snugly.

The candor vertical vest is different than any other vertical vest so one can use this vest confidently.

Why has the vest been designed especially?

-Especially, the vest is for carrying pistol, ammunition and a regular rifle. The drainage hole is for carrying M4/M16 magazines.

Why does the user feel comfortable to use the vest?

 -As the material of the vest is 100% Polyester, so the user feels comfortable.


  • Two internal zipper pockets
  • Mesh back for ventilation
  • Two hook and loop panels
  • Material: 100% Polyester


  • Customization system is limited

Finally, no one can disagree that the Condor Cross Draw Vest is one of the best vests. It is outstanding with its features.  The three pistol magazine pockets are available on the upper side of the vest. The pockets also have removable lids. Besides, the universal pistol holster is available on the upper left side of the vest.

The holster is designed in a perfect way so that pistol can be accessed in an easy way. The pistol mag pouch is adjustable. There are also D rings over the shoulder for attaching additional equipment. Condor Crossdraw Vest is one of the tactical vests. The vest is perfect for any combat situation. Overall, the vest is exceptional than others banal vests.

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