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Lately, a vest is not only for tactical purposes. Rather, it is used for different outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, and others. YAKEDA-Ultra-light-Breathable vest is used for multi-purpose. The vest is designed in such a way that it is well fitted for different purposes. When you go through the distinctive features of the vest, it will give you a lucid idea about the vest.

The convenient and comfortable vest

The vest is ultra-light so it is convenient to carry. There are also multiple pockets that why the user can take different types of necessary items. The most outstanding features of a vest are that it is one of the breathable vests. Very few vests are breathable like this. Because of being breathable, one can use the vest in a long time.

Multiple pockets in the vest

There are lots of well- organized pockets in the vest. So when one goes to hunting, fishing or any tactical fields, he feels the desire for lots of items. The multiple pockets help the user to keep the entire item well organized and have these in the short time.

What on the left side of the vest

The left side covers a lot of items. Among these, 3 pistol mag pouches and a pistol holder available. The pistol holder is worthy of most medium frames. In the pistol mag pouches, there are their adjustable mag pouches.

What on the right side 

On the right side, there are lots of effective items. The large shell carrying pouch, 3 ammo pouches and a shooting pad are available. Both the side is well decorated and organized so the one can keep and have any items instant.

What’s on the shoulder? 

On the shoulder of the vest has adjusted long Velcro strip. And the 2 metal D ring. The rings are excellent for attaching carabineers and others necessary equipment.

Double ply mesh available

 There is also double ply mesh. It is also worthy of carrying a hydration bladder. A carrying handle is available. The carrying handle is effective like strips. The nylon mesh material is also effective for users as it provides enough air ventilation. Besides, there are also Zips in the front of the vest. In the interior site of the vest, there are also two Zip-up documents pockets. In the pocket, one can keep his secret documents so that they can be protected.

Unlike others banal vest, It supports a user in an exceptional way. Looking the features gives you a clear concept. So lets you know all the features how they provide ultimate benefit.

  • Have Safe, secured and advanced vest
  • Fit for another outdoor activity
  • Fully Adjustable in Length and Girth
  • The chance of carrying Document Pouches
  • 2 Large Internal Zippered Maps
  • 4 Deluxe Adjustable Rifle Magi Pouches
  • Cross-draw Holster to Carry Additional Gear/Tools,
  • Adjustable Fit Adult Vest

Except those, you will have another opportunity from this vest so you can have to dig the others features of the vest.


Q: Is YAKEDA a remarkable brand?

Ans: It is one of the professional outdoor manufactures company.

The company has both external and internal reputation. The main product of the vest is a tactical vest, gun bags, tool bags and others.

​​​​Q: Why is the YAKEDA vest convenient and comfortable?

Ans : The vest is convenient and comfortable because of its lightweight.  As multiple pockets are available, one can use the vest from a different angle. The most outstanding features of the vest is that it Is breathable.

Q: How many pistol mags does the vest carry?

Ans: The vest has 3 pistol mag on the left side of the vest and one pistol holder. The adjustable mog pouches are also available.

Q: which is the most outstanding aspect of the vest?

Ans: The most outstanding aspect of the vest is that it is convenient and comfortable. As the vest is light- weighted vest, besides, the mesh of vest makes it more breathable.


  • Worthy of different types of outdoor activities
  • The scope of using additional gear
  • Adjustable vest for adult


  • The vest is not perfect for child
  • Not specified as tactical
  • ​  


YAKEDA-Ultra-light-Breathable vest is one of the highly adjustable vests. The maximum waist of the vest is 55 inches. But sizes has enough different. If you find out the small size waist, you can have up to 33 inches. As different sizes are available, it is well adjusted to the users. The adjustable side strap is perfect for various reasons. It is more tentative and more comfortable. The vest has been designed with the Zipper because of using and wearing this easily. Both the side left and right width is also well- adjusted for webbing. Overall, the vest is made of strong and high-quality material so that the vest is worthy of any tactical situation.

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