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barska tactical vest

Barska Loaded Gear Tactical Vest is one of the ballistic plate carriers. The name " Barska" is very common in the spheres of the plate carrier. The plate carrier helps the user keep different types of equipment well-organized. The plate carrier makes each and every user take faster action. As all the items are well-organized close to hand, a user can have this in no time.

 An adjustable plate carrier 

 If anyone wants to have an adjustable plate carrier, he should figure out the Barska plate carrier. It is the most fitted and adjustable plate carrier. Its ladder buckles, side straps, and shoulder panels are well-adjusted. Besides, the opportunities for customization are great.

The rifle mag pouches of the tactical vest 

The four rifle mag pouches are available in the tactical vest. In the mag pouches, one can keep up to 30 round magazines. There are very few ballistic plate carrier like Barska. The tactical vest is remarkable among many users.

Mesh webbing designed tactical vest 

 Because of having mesh design, the tactical vest has the ventilated system. So one does feel disgusted even after using the longer period of time. Besides, the durability of the tactical vest is enough. The cloth is sturdy so the Barska vest is enough long-lasting.

​A reinforced rescue pull handle

In the vest, there is also a reinforced pull handle available. In case of an accident, the rescue pull handle is effective in a superb way. It makes your partner to reach you in your expected place easily.

Detachable Pieces are available 

 The extra opportunities of the vest are that there are their detachable pieces in the Barska. When you do not feel the necessity of the pieces, you can keep the pieces detachable so that you feel comfortable. On the others hand, when you feel the necessity of the parts, you can attaching these. The detachable pieces are draw holster, pistol mag/flashlight pouch and adjustable belt with pouches

 By using the Barska tactical vest, user is satisfied as they have their desirable feature in the vest. If you have all the features at a glance, you can realize this.

The remarkable features are below:

  • Have fully adjustable vest
  • Mesh webbing designed
  • The chance is available for additional gear
  • Enjoy the maximum ventilation and durability
  • Back mesh pocket with Velcro closure,
  • Reinforced rescue pull handle
  • Velcro areas for attaching patches
  • Ideal for hydration system
  • 2 large internal zippered pockets


 Q: why is the Barska different than all others vest?

 Ans: It is one of the well-adjusted vests. The ladder buckles and straps are well fitted to the most adults. The vest is comfortable in the comparison to another vest.

Q: How are the pouches of the vest?

 Ans: The pouches of the vest are fit for one or two magazines each and every pouch. The pouches can accommodate the 30 round magazines together.

Q: Does the mesh webbing provide ample ventilation?

Ans: Most of the vest is designed with mesh webbing; the reason is that mesh webbing ensures the durability. Besides, Breathability is one of another important factor behind mesh webbing. So mesh webbing vest is effective too much.

Q: Is the reinforced pill handle effectively for everyone?

Ans: Each and every ballistic vest should have reinforced pill handle so that in any unexpected situation, others can drag easily. The vest has reinforced pill handle on the upper back of the vest. Ultimately the vest is effective for each and every tactical situation.

 Q: What does the ballistic plate carrier include?

Ans: The vest includes lots of things. Among these, the flashlight pouch, three sectional pistol pouch and heavy duty adjusted belt with pouches.


  • ​External parts available  
  • ​Maximum ventilation for comfort
  • ​Enough durable  


  • Bladder not included


​Barska Loaded Gear is one of the Tactical Right Hand Vest. The tactical vest is well fitted to the most adults. Its ladder buckles and side straps are well- adjusted. Besides, another opportunity where most of the user enjoy the system of customization. One can easily customize the vest as a result; one can have the vest according to his choice. The best tactical vest plate carrier is made of mesh webbing. It provides ultimate ventilation so that the user feels comfortable using the vest. Barska vest is one of the long-lasting vests, it provides enough durability. The MOLLE straps also provide the chance of carrying additional gear. The back and front touch fastener areas let the user attach the ID and patches. The ballistic polyester includes lots of external items for providing the extra opportunities to the user such as detachable draw holster. Flashlight pouch and three section pistol mag. Barska has suppressed all others vest with its quality. So it can be your appropriate choice.

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