Best Plate Carrier 2018 reviews

A tactical vest is normally used to protect the most sensitive organs of the body. Security forces and military have to use a tactical vest as they have to face different types of critical situations in each and every moment. Besides those, people use a tactical vest for a different purpose. 

A tactical vest is not only for protection; rather, it is used for organizing and carrying necessary equipment. A tactical vest provides one a lot of options and space which are too effective for operation goers.

 All tactical vests are not same. When you want to have the best tactical vest, you have to consider lots of things such as Plate carrier accessibility, Quick release clips, Mole webbing, Hydration compatibility, Pouches for magazines and others.

At the time of selecting, you have to be sure that your vest has an excellent balance among comfort ability, mobility, and suitability.

Selecting the best tactical vest is not matter of worries as you are the right place. Here, you will have the ten top-rated tactical vests. You can select any of those giving priority your preference.

Editor Recommendation: 3 Top Rated Plate Carrier Vest

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

Best Plate Carrier Vest

    Editor Rating:


  • One size fits most 4 deluxe
  • Universal Design
  • Durable rescue handle
  • Holster adjustable Position
  • Adjustable in girth & length

Condor Modular Plate Carrier

Best Budget Plate carrier

    Editor Rating:

  • Built-in mag pouches
  • Removable chest platform
  • Internal Pocket with webbing
  • Pocket with modular attachments
  • Adjustable Waist

Lightweight Tactical vest

best body armor in the world

    Editor Rating:

  • Made of high-quality material
  • 4 Deluxe Rifle Mag Pouches
  • 2 Large Internal Zippered Map
  • One of the sturdiest vests

   Before Purchasing Plate Carrier Vest

What Types Of Fabrics Used For Vest 

 In the spheres of producing tactical vest, different types of fabric are being used. But very few items are so common. Such as PVC, Rubber surface and Nylon mesh are being used too much as these items are fruitful.

Rubber Surfaces

Rubber surface is one of the elements used to make a vest. But the rate of using is too less. It is used in the shoulder. The rubber surface saves the impact to carry any heavier items.


The material is being used too much nowadays. In many aspects, it is also noticeable that the rate of using PVC is more than nylon mesh. PVC is durable and lightweight than others fabric.  As PVC has no chance of tearing and straining.

Nylon Mesh

The name "Nylon Mesh" is common to the vest manufacturer. There are many reasons behind choosing nylon mesh. The nylon mesh is lightweight, durable and breathable. In the warmth season, Nylon made vest are one goes too much as it is breathable and comfortable. Besides, most of the manufactures give priority to make vest using nylon mesh. Nylon mesh is environment-friendly and long-lasting.

 7 Top Rated Plate Carrier Vest Comparison Table-


Product Name

Key Feature

Editor Ratings

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best tactical vest plate carrier

Ideal For Hydration System

best tactical plate carrier

Fit For Another Outdoor Activity

top rated plate carriers

Six Pistol Ammunition Holders

best molle vest

Available Radio And Document Pouch

Two Internal Zipper Pockets

best airsoft plate carrier

Fully Adjustable High-Quality Buckle

best airsoft vest

One Map Flashlight Pouch

   Top 10 Plate Carrier Vest Reviews

1. UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

Best Plate Carrier Vest

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest belongs to a low profile plate carrier. If you ever think to have this type of plate carrier, the vest would be the best for you. It is also known as Spartan body armor. 

The design of the vest is innovative and impressive. The fabric of vest is mesh. So it is one of the breathable. One does not feel discomfort in spite of using a long time.

If anyone wants to take an adjusted girth and length tactical vest, he can choose the vest. Besides, a different type of rifle magi pouches available both on the left side and right side.

There are also rescued drag system in this vest. It is effective to carry one in a critical situation. Besides, the back-loop system supports to carry extra tools and gear.

 The Radio pouch of the vest is must essential for professionally vest user. As the vest has attached belt- loop, it also supports the user to be adjusted with the waist. Overall, it is one of the best tactical vests among the low profile plate carriers.

By observing the features, one has to compromise with ergonomic and comfortable aspects of the tactical vest. So the vest can be one of your expected vests.  

 Key Features of the UTG Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

  • One size fits most 4 deluxe 
  • adjustable in girth & length
  • Adjustable rifle mag pouches
  • Hook-and-loop closure 
  • Universal design
  • Each holding 12 most popular mags
  • Tight1 deluxe universal cross-draw
  • Drain holes & elastic to hold mags
  • Extra hook-and-loop attachable
  • Holster adjustable position
  • Universal sizing 
  • Vests / plate carriers black
  • Modular double-mag pouches to interchange
  • Vests / plate carriers black
  • Universal sizing


  • Mesh ventilation system  
  • Adjustable length and girth 
  • Durable rescue handle  
  • Four rifle magazine pouches


  • Straps are very tight to adjust  
  • The customization of the vest is not available

Finally ,

 Among all others low profile plate carrier, The UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest is noticeable. Its effective and attractive design makes one impress.  Very few vests are available like this. Besides, the outstanding features of vest force us to include the best tactical plate carrier.

2. Condor Modular Plate Carrier

Best Budget Plate carrier

The Condor modular plate carrier is one of the selected plate carriers. The plate carrier belongs to the best budget plate carrier.

Although it is one of the best budget plate carriers, It is not expensive. It is one of the outstanding vests by virtue of its extraordinary features.      

It is one of the multi-functional vests. It has built-in  7 mag pouches. Different pocket and pouches are used in different way. 

The design of the vest  is drawn in a unique way. The design of the vest is innovative and effective.  

Besides,  The vest has  3  internal mesh pockets which is  effective enough. The mesh pockets are breathable and interesting to wear.

Unlike others banal vest carrier, It carries Built-in hydration carrier. This provides lots of extra-opportunities to the user.   

The padded shoulder straps provide more comfort. One can use heavier arms with less hard because of its ergonomic padding.

Key Features of the Condor Modular Plate Carrier Vest

  • 7 built-in mag pouches
  • Built-in hydration carrier
  • 3 internal mesh pockets
  • Removable chest platform
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • Adjustable Waist
  • Different size and color available 
  • Pocket with modular attachments



  • Internal Pocket with webbing  
  • Adjustable Waist 
  • Padded Shoulder Straps  
  • Removable Chest Platform


  • Magazines not included  
  • Bladder not included

Finally ,

Condor modular plate carrier is not the vest of less budget.

The budget of the vest is standard but not expensive. When you judge each and every feature of the vest, it will be clear to you. 

The candor vest is one of well- adjusted plate carrier.  Its adjusted waist, removable chest platform, padded shoulder strap and others features are impressive. If the budget is not fact to you, you can take the Condor modular plate carrier.

3. Lightweight Tactical Vest

best body armor in the world

Do you want to have a heavy material vest? Yakeda Army Fans Tactical Vest is for you. The vest is known “the best body armor” because of its quality.

Among all the sturdiest vests, it is one. Its fabric, feature, and functionality everything is splendid. The vest is used more for a shake of ballistic purpose. 

As the vest is fully functional, both side of the vest is well-organized.  On the left side, the vest includes 3 pistol mag pouches and 1 pistol holder.  It also includes a large shell, the ammo pouches and a shooting pad.

If you judge the quality of the vest, it is perfect for quality. It is lightweight and breathable. The vest is also made of 600D high-density polyester.  So it is made with the heat resistant polyester. So no one feels doubt about its sturdiness.

2 metal D-rings is quite a supportive vest. The D ring of the vest is used to keep all the equipment and carbines with well-adjustment.

Key Features of the Yakeda Equipment Breathable Lightweight Vest 

  • Adjustable side straps design  
  • Straps and buckle around waist 
  • Equipped with a zipper
  • Made of high-quality material,
  • Easy to use and wear.
  • Each Holding 1 - 2 Most Popular Mags
  • Fully Adjustable in Girth
  • 4 Deluxe Rifle Mag Pouches
  • Features Hook-and-loop Closure,
  • Drain Holes and Elastic to Hold Mags 
  • 2 Large Internal Zippered Map
  • Strong and durable for long time use.


  • One of the sturdiest vests 
  • Made of high-quality material 
  • Easy to use and wear  
  • Strong and durable for long time use
  • Equipped with a zipper


  • The design is not nifty  
  • The fabric is not made of mesh

Finally ,

​The Yakeda-Equipment-Breathable Vest is universally designed vest. It is high adjusted to length and girth. The drain holes of the vest and the elastic are used to hold the Magi and others equipment tightly. The vest is also fit for others outdoor activities.

best tactical vest plate carrier

Perhaps, you may have heard the name "Barska Loaded Gear Tactical" Vest. In the realm of ballistic plate carriers, it is a remarkable one. The vest is one of the well-organized and splendid vests.

The most outstanding features of a vest are that it has the detaching ways. If any user wants to separate the parts, he can do this easily.

All situations do not deserve the same vest. Sometimes one has to take action with the lots of equipment. Sometimes, one has to take a step with fewer requirements. So the chance is available to customize the vest.

In spite of having lots of pocket and pouches in the vest, one has to modify the design to make it suitable according to one's choice.

Besides, its shoulder panels, side straps, and ladder buckles are excellent because of its customization system.

The Barska Tactical Vest is made of mesh. The vest has enough ventilated systems. So it is comfortable to use. On the others hand, it is also one of the long-lasting tactical vests.

The reinforced pull handle is also available. The part also proves that the vest is one of the tactical vests.   You can have this if you think that the features of the vest keep pace with your intention.

Key Features of the Barska Loaded Gear Tactical Vest

  • Mesh webbing designed  
  • ​Enjoy the maximum ventilation and durability 
  • Have fully adjustable vest
  • Back mesh pocket with Velcro closure,
  • ​The chance is available for additional gear
  • Velcro areas for attaching patch
  • Ideal for hydration system
  • Reinforced rescue pull handle
  • 2 large internal zippered pockets.


  • Enough durable  
  • External parts available
  • Maximum ventilation for comfort  


  • Bladder not included  

Finally ,

No doubt that the Barska Loaded Gear is one of the best tactical vests.   The features of the vest are outstanding. The vest includes all effective features what a tactical situation deserves. Its side straps, ladder buckles, pocket, and pouches are excellent. The most outstanding features of the vest are that it has a customizable system. It is the most splendid opportunities for every tactical vest user.   

best tactical plate carrier

YAKEDA-Ultra-lightweight vest is one of the soft body armor carriers. It is an ergonomic vest. Its shape, weight, and fabric are excellent. It is one of the light-weighted vests. So the user feels more comfortable to use the vest.

Different sizes of the vest are available. The highest size of the vest is up to 55 inches. Side straps of the vest are effective; it helps the user to be adjusted to their body.  

The vest is more tentative and comfortable. It is also worthy of using in any tactical situation. By using the vest, one can -be involved in different outdoor activities. The vest is used for distinctive purposes. It is also using for hunting, hiking, and fishing. The multiple pockets of the YAKEDA- vest helps to keep all tiny equipment well-organized. The Double ply mesh of the vest is for carrying a hydration Bladder.

Key Features of the YAKEDA Ultra light Breathable vest 

  • Fit for another outdoor activity 
  • Safe, secured and advanced vest
  • 2 Large Internal Zippered Maps
  • Fully Adjustable in Length and Girth
  • The chance of carrying Document Pouches
  • Adjustable Fit Adult Vest
  • 4 Deluxe Adjustable Rifle Magi Pouches
  • Cross-draw Holster to Carry Additional Gear/Tools


  • Adjustable vest for adult  
  • The scope of using additional gear
  • Worthy of different types of outdoor activities 
  • Four rifle magazine pouches


  • Not specified as tactical 
  • The vest is not perfect for child

Finally ,

YAKEDA-Ultra-light-Breathable vest is one of the adjustable vests. It is one of the incomparable vests.  As its features and functions are outstanding.  The vest is usable in multi-purpose. Among all others vest, it is one of the tentative vests, that is why the user feel confidence to use the YAKEDA-Ultra-light-Breathable Adjustable.

6. Lancer Tactical Vest

top rated plate carriers

A tactical vest is not only used for protection rather it is for storage. The Lancer Tactical Cross Draw vest is also used for different purposes such as hiking, hunting, and war.

In the spheres of functionality, the Lancer Tactical Cross Draw is exceptional. The vest is worthy of any survival situation. The vest is breathable as the fabric of the vest is superior to any others fabric of vest.  Lancer Tactical Cross vest is adjustable to wear.  It has Magazines and pistol holsters adjustable vest. Overall, the vest is ergonomic. The Velcro straps and 2 d-rings are quite supportive, it also helps the user to be well adjusted. The vest also includes 4 panels upper back, ammunition pouch and pistol holder.

Key Features of the Lancer Tactical Cross Draw vest

  • 2 Pistol Magazine Pouches. 
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Belt​​​​​
  • Velcro sealed hydration pouch 
  • Adjustable Velcro Straps at 2 D-Rings
  • Fully Adjustable - One Size Fits Most
  • Removable pistol holster
  • W/ Quick Release Buckle
  • Magazine pouch
  • Six pistol ammunition holders
  • Quick release buckles on the left side
  • 600 Denier Polyester 
  • Mesh MOLLE Webbing
  • Four rifle magazine holders
  • Two large interior pocket with zipper


  • Pretty sturdy for decent stitching  
  • The lower magazine pouches
  • A Velcro patch  
  • Holster can hold large guns


  • The holster is fit for small guns  
  • The belt is pretty common

Finally ,

The Lancer Tactical cross draw vest is one of the top-rated selected vests.  The features of the vest are obviously outstanding, well organized and well decorated. The additional pistol ammunition magazines, quick release buckle gives the user extra supports. The vest is perfect for the durability and comfort. You can consider this vest as your expected vest.  

7. Molle Tactical Vest

best molle vest

CVLIFE-Adjustable Vest is for military and hunter. The vest is fully functional. It can be used for different purpose. The plate carrier is also assigned as a Special Forces plate carrier.

It is one of the most light-weighted plate carriers. Being the weight of the vest is 1.4 lbs, it is easy to carry. The vest is perfect for hunting. A hunter needs a vest to carry lots of equipment with them. All vests are not well-matched with the hunter. A hunting vest should have lots of pockets and pouches. So that hunter can carry their necessary elements.

The fabric of the CVLIFE-Adjustable-Hunting vest has been designed with the mixture of quality nylon and mesh. If you think about the studies vest, the vest is for you.

The foamed mesh of the vest provides the user extra support. The vest also contains a lot of storage which is effective for every hunter. The vest is perfect for the military also. It helps them to implement any action faster as they have to take their all necessary items too fast from the vest.

It is also a choice of the military because it has a high-quality zipper which is long-lasting.

Key Features of the CV-LIFE Adjustable Hunting Military vest 

  • Adjustable in girth and length
  • High-quality zipper for the vest
  • Foamed mesh and 600D material 
  • Different types of mag pouches available
  • Special Molle for carrying tiny equipment.
  • Enjoy the wearing the lightweight vest
  • Available radio and document pouch.
  • Padded right shoulder for recoil


  • Molle vest  
  • Different mag pouches available
  • Comfortable foamed mesh 
  • Adjustable in girth and length


  • The design is not nifty
  • Not only designed for tactical purposes


The vest is one the best tactical vest, but it is designed for military and outdoor activities. Having lots of opportunities the user feels interested to take this. There are very few supportive vests like this. As the vest is made of mesh, it is breathable and comfortable.

8. Condor Cross Draw Vest/Tactical Belt

The vest is excellent because of its design. The vest is nifty and simple although it carries lots of pockets and pouches.  The shape of the vest is unique undoubtedly. The outstanding shape of the vest is splendid and impressive. The man who uses the vest, he will feel heroism. 

No doubt, the vest is tactical, but the designer of the vest is not confined to the only tactical situation. The man who is in outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, and others, he can use the vest.

The user can keep a series of weapons in this vest. The vest has three ammo pouches. The Condor Cross Draw Vest is made of sturdy nylon material so one can use this always with high confidence.

It is one of the long-lasting vests.

The condor vertical vest also includes a belt which gives the chance of carrying hydration bladder spot.

 As there are available exceptional features, a user feels the interest to use the vest.  As there are 6 magazine pouches available, one can use according to his intention.  

Key Features of the Condor Cross Draw Vest/Tactical Belt

  • Cross-draw pistol holster 
  • Built-in shock stop
  • Two internal zipper pockets 
  • Mesh back to ventilation
  • Two hook and loop panels
  • Heavyweight modular attachments
  • Pistol belt included
  • D-rings on shoulders
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Manufacturer: Condor
  • Manufacturer's number: CV-003


  • Two internal zipper pockets  
  • Material: 100% Polyester 
  • Two hook and loop panels 
  • Mesh back to ventilation


  • Customization system is limited  


The Condor Cross Draw Vest is condor mop plate carrier.  Its features and functionalities are different than others tactical vest.

The three pistol magazine pockets and removable lids are effective to the users. The D Ring is perfect to attach extra equipment.  The two internal zipper pockets are helpful for keeping any documents safely.  The MOLLE attachments of the vest give the user extra-opportunities. The sizes of the candor vest are different. The large size of the vest up to 44" (chest size). So it is the choice of the best tactical vest seeker. 

9. Tactical Airsoft Vest

best airsoft plate carrier

GZ XINXING Black Tactical vest is one of the  Airsoft paintball combat vests. The vest is used as a standard protector.  The vest is strong as it has been designed with the military grade material. Besides, the air-soft tactical vest has lots of pockets which are for carrying flashlight, Map, and Magazine. The air-soft vest looks excellent as it has an excellent stitching. It has no possibilities of tearing the stitching.

The EPA foam padding of the vest provides the user more comfortable. One can use the heavy loaded arms because of the thicker foam padding.

The removable parts of the vest are also available. That's why when anyone wants to have nifty design vest, He can turn the vest into a nifty design. It is also adjusted with its features. Each and every feature has perfect measurements. 

 The different sizes of the vest are available; you can take the size which is one of the adjusted with your size.

Key Features of the Tactical Airsoft Vest

  • 3 standard magazine pouches 
  • Two communication pouches 
  • Made of high-density material
  • Lightweight, heavy duty
  • Other outdoor activities
  • Fully adjustable high-quality buckle
  • Two internal zipper pockets 
  • 2 small mag/flashlight pouches on belt
  • High-quality adjustable buckle 
  • High Quality Zipper
  • Heavy duty Adjustable belt
  • Strengthen tactical load-bearing
  • Well constructed vest 
  • Quick release buckles on shoulder and waist


  • Ultra-light, breathable  
  • Flexible and convenient 
  • Multiple removable pockets 


  • Not only designed for tactical purposes

Finally ,

GZ XINXING Black Tactical Vest is one of the scalable vests.  In this vest, you can include different type’s pockets and pouches. Besides, the high-density polyester foam is effective for carrying different heavier items easily.  With durability, the vest is excellent and splendid.

10. YAKEDA Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

best airsoft vest

It is one of the multi-cam plate carriers. The vest is well adjusted for an air-soft game. The tactical vest is enjoyable and adjusted. By using the vest, one can enjoy the free movements.  

The tactical vest is remarkable as Molle straps let the user keep different types of tiny accessories. Moll strap is the best for using tiny accessories. Although one can take the small items in backpack the molle straps are perfect for quick using.

Other important features of the air soft tactical vest are that it is one of the ultra-light vests.  That's why it is an ergonomic vest than any others tactical vest.

When one takes the air-soft tactical training, he has to carry lots of items in his vest. At that time, the light- weight tactical vest is effective too much. The vest is also super breathable.  A man does not feel tired even after using long time.  

The fabric of the vest is noticeable. Besides, the removable pockets of the vest are super ergonomic. The vest contains communication pouches, flashlight pouches, and medic pouches. But all the pockets and pouches are removable.  So it is one of the most ergonomic vests.

Key Features of the YAKEDA Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

  • One map flashlight pouch
  • Handel for carrying out a task
  • Well constructed vest 
  • 900D high-density nylon
  • Strengthen tactical load-bearing
  • Two communication pouches 
  • Adjustable fit adult vest
  • Powerful suspension belt


  • Ultra-light, breathable
  • Adjustable length and girth 
  • Worthy of different types of outdoor activities  


  • Belt is not included  

Finally ,

Air soft-Tactical-Training-Equipment vest is one of the attractive vests.  Among all others features, the removable pouches are highly noticeable. Its high quality Velcro and buckle are well adjusted. One can customize the vest according to his intention. If you ever need a tactical vest, nothing can be alternative to this vest.

Final Verdict,

Finding right tactical vest is not to if you have enough idea about different categories of tactical vests. Today different types of vests are available. Swimmingly, the manufacturers are modifying the design and providing the innovative items.Vest types are not confined to any single items. There are different types of vests. So you just need an appropriate idea about all vests   to specify your choice which is the preferable to you.

budget plate carrier

Plate Carriers 

The vest is used to carry a plate so that one can protect himself. Only the vest does not work as a protector. The vest is effective in any tactical situation if you have to undergo any dangerous situation, you must need the plate carrier to save yourself. 

One can use a plat to the vest on the back or front side. There have many straps to adjust your plate. The straps needs on the shoulder and sides. The straps are also adjustable in length and width. Although the vest does not include ballistic plates, it includes different accessories. Those are Molle, pocket, pouches and others functions. 

Multi-functional Vest

Most of the vest is multi-functional. As the vest is not for protection only, rather, it is for carrying and organizing material.The multi-functional vest includes magazine pockets, radio pockets, and medical pouch. The multi-functional vest has detachable pistol holster. Overall, the types of the vest have the store of carrying a plenty of things.

It is the negatives aspects that these types of vest do not provide ballistic protection. These also provide a hydration bladder on the back and internal mesh pocket and pouches.

A Tactical vest is fit for another purpose  

When anyone faces danger situation, he has to wear a tactical vest. Besides, there are lots of purposes why the user loves to use a tactical vest. The tactical vest is strong and sturdy so there are no any possibilities of tearing. Besides, the tactical vest keeps one unscathed at any danger point. In a tactical vest, there is also a chance of including plates. This is mandatory in any ballistic situation.

If you want to have a multi-functional vest, you can have the tactical vest. In the vest, one is able to attach Molle compatible accessories. The most remarkable opportunities of the vest are that the vest is customize-able. One can take off lots of extra pockets and pouches to make the vest simple design. 

 Hunting Vest

When a man goes to hunting, he has to use the vest for a shake of different purposes. A hunter has to carry lots of gear.  Even, when one goes for hunting for a long time, he has to take light- meat, water bottle and others. The tactical vest is also used for hunting. Using tactical vest, a hunter can have lots of benefits. Such as storing extra ammunition, taking snacks in the larger pockets, Carrying necessary accessories. Besides, soft padded of the tactical vest gives the user chance carry heavy loaded gun.  

 Air soft Vest or Paintball

Paintball and air soft are part of a game. Lately, these are being used widely. These games are more demanding and more competitive over the years. Now in this game, the competitors use lots of things compared to previous year. So the rate of using paintball and air soft vest is going up. The vest is common to keep ammunition and to store another accessory.  In the game of paintball and air soft, a tactical vest is also used in spite of having paintball and air soft vest.  

Vest for Angler 

Fishing is the best way of spending time in nature. It is for relaxing and comfort. When professional and passion angler goes to fishing, he has to bear lots of accessories. The angler uses a fishing backpack to carry the accessories but fishing backpack does not support too much as the fishing vest.  You can carry fishing vest always for having support at any times.

best concealed carry vest

Never Overlook The Facts During Selecting A Tactical Vest

Supportive to Hold Rifle Magazine  

The best tactical vest is worthy of carrying lots of magazine pockets. If there have no any holding rifle magazine, you may lose magazine in the most tactical situation.  There is some tactical vest which is quite supportive and Molle compatible. In these types of a vest, you can also add some pockets and pouches.     

Have the bullet-resistant Vest 

When you go to select any tactical vest, you should be sure a That your vest is bullet resistant. No vest is bulletproof until you use bulletproof plates. There are many manufacturers which provide ballistic plate. The ballistic plates are bullet resistant but expensive compared to another.  If you want to have the best plate carrier, you should figure out the best plate carrier. In the spheres of protection, the plate carrier plays the most important role.

Keep yourself Warm-up using a Vest 

All vests do not play the role in the same way. There are lots of variations among the vests. You can select the vest which will keep yourself warm-up. If you undergo any tactical situation when temperatures go down, you have to take warm-up vest. Tactical vests are designed in such a way that the user feels always comfortable. 

Pockets and Pouches of the Vest 

Each and every vest has different types of pockets and pouches but all are not same. There are many pockets which hold the pouches more and some hold less. The number of pockets and pouches varies from vest to vest. So when you take any vest, judges the model and select a vest according to your preference.

Tactical Vest Should be MOLLE Compatible 

 Molle compatible vest is effective than others tactical vest.It gives the user extra-support. But It is expensive than all others tactical vest. In the Molle compatible vest, user has the extra-opportunities.  So when you go to take any vest, you should be sure that whether the vest is molle compatible or not. 

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